Medea drawing, background story

I’ve just posted a large A1 drawing that I made two weeks ago in response to the Greek Myth of Medea. This comes from a collaborative request from a group called Artipeeps in Cambridge England. Some artists and poets are going to choose selected books from Ovid’s ‘Metamorphosis’ to illustrate either visually or with the written word. I’ve set myself the task of making a drawing every weekend exploring Book Seven which is the story of Medea’s love for Jason, the finding of the Golden Fleece, his betrayal of her and the ultimate murder of their sons by Medea in an act of revenge. This is a huge and very dark subject, but very interesting. I am also exploring a more up to date interpretation, but am in the very early stages of doing this. The next post shows this take on the story. It uses some text from Susan Cadogan’s 1975 hit ‘Hurt so Good’ The lines seemed to resonate with the Medea story. Sonia Boyce the artist used them in an installation too. I did a workshop with her many years ago at the Glasgow School of Art and really liked the idea of exploring the use of text with drawing. I’ll share the drawings I did at the workshop in my next blog.

Still-water lily original sketch

Here’s the original sketch of the closed waterlily from the still-water where the motif originally came from. It was made in the morning as we were camping and I had noticed the waterlilies the day before ,and thought they would make a wonderful motif for some painting. A truly memorable summer weekend.

Still-water lily, acrylic on canvas

This is a small acrylic on canvas that I made in the summer of 2006 in response to a small sketch of a closed waterlily on a still-water where my brother does his flyfishing. It was a beautiful summer weekend when we were there for a barbecue and party. This sketch was made the following morning when the flower was closed. I’ll share the drawing it came from in the next post. I find I often only need to make the smallest sketch of the motif, and that together with the memory of the initial inspiration¬†is enough to make a painting.

Barcelona Gaudi mosaic oil pastel drawing.

I’ve just shared an older piece based on a mosaic that I saw in the ceiling under the main terrace at Park Guell created by Gaudi in consultation with Jujol the glass maker. It was a riot of colour and invaded the senses on so many levels. This was like a cool cave of artistic jewels on the ceiling filled with these masterful mosaic and glass discs. It was a huge welcome relief to be in there after the heat of the day in the park itself. We were there in August, and it took us some time to accclimatise to the heat. We would often go out sketching in the heat until we learned not to the hard way after a bout of mild sunstroke! A truly unforgettable holiday. I just thought it would be good to share this after the glorious days of sunshine we’ve been enjoying in the U.K. Real gratitude and appreciation for this, we’ve almost forgotten what it’s like, how it affects state of mind, attitude, everything.