At the gallery in Askham

Am at my brother’s gallery in Askham this weekend and all of next week if you can get to come over and see me! Hope to do a ‘plein air’ piece at Church Pool on the river Lowther, there’s a very Medeaesque cave there that I have painted previously. Go for more on the gallery. I have my Medea drawings with me too apart from the very large ones. These were made over the past couple of months and you can see and read about them on this blog.

‘We’re all safe now’ Central flower motif giant oil-pastel different orientation

This motif was a long time coming. At first I wanted to leave the central area blank or just clouds and sky to make it universal. However, Nicky from Artipeeps on Twitter who gave me this opportunity, suggested a universal central motif might work. I let this mergle away with me. Then I remembered the yellow flower, not sure what they’re called, that came from Charlie who is also collaborating on this Ovid Metamorphosis project too. He posted a wonderful photo of one that I loved. I found the same flower on a walk to our local Brungerley park.  I drew it into the border on this giant oil pastel. It occurred to me that flower represents so much, and that had the universal quality that I was looking for.

Safe Now’ detail of oil pastel sketch

Here you can see the sketch in close-up and the marks and colours in mork detail. I was layering the pastel and pencil quite vigorously to search for the effect I wanted. I looked at some images of Picasso dead children for inspiration from a painting that I made a copy of once, ‘The Rape of the Sabine’ which I saw in London in 2010. You can learn a lot through copying a master like this. His work is complex but appears effortless.