‘Safe Now’ oil pastel sketch for Medea series

Here’s a sketch I made in oil pastel on Friday which I’m calling ‘Safe Now’. the hand in the corner is not Medea’s but that of the nurse. She protected the children as far as she could in Euripedes’ play and tried to change Medea’s mindset but to no avail. When I watched a production of Medea online it was the nurse’s words that stayed with me for a previous drawing when she asked,’What does it make you?’ and Medea answered, ‘ What I am, defeated’.

Jason is told, life-size study with apple for scale

Here I am showing you the drawing with an apple to give a sense of the scale. I did it in one sitting and forgot to take photos of the stages as I was so into the work. It would have broken the flow. I’m obviously channeling the moment in the story where Jason is told the news about his sons. Who is telling him is irrelevant.