Lymeregis Cobb oil painting on canvas

Here’s today’s painting well underway. I decided to make an oil painting of a detail from the large oil pastel that I recently shared on this blog. I’ve ¬†been really missing the sea as I’ve mentioned and it really helps evoke special places like this if I explore them again through my painting. The camber on the stone pavement that forms part of the surface of this iconic structure fascinated me. I can feel it still as I paint it. The sense of unease and exposure was unforgettable. I’ve really been enjoying working in oils again recently. The way the brush fights back is addictive.

Lyme Regis Cobb, A1 graphite stick and oil pastel drawing.

Here’s a drawing I made today based on a sketch made ‘plein air’ at Lyme on the Cobb one very blustery day at Christmas, many years ago. I can time-travel through my work ,and feel the place and space where the inspiration came from. I’ll share a detail and sketch next. I’m missing the sea ridiculously just now, and felt the need to revisit the Lyme sketch work. I seem to be closing the Medea chapter and new oceans beckon.

Detail of reflection from The Circle Is Unbroken, oil painting.

Here’s some of the brushwork from ‘The Circle Is Unbroken’, my current oil painting from the Medea series. I want to keep ther crimson and gestural brushwork. It’s knowing what to retain and what to rework or bring forward. I think about painting a lot of the time. Painting doesn’t just happen when you’re¬†physically making the marks ,but when you’re on a walk or in the shower… It’s always with you until you know instinctivley when to stop.