Experimental life-drawing, Could this be Vanaheim?

This is the second piece that I made on Sunday interpreting this theme. These are initial explorations thinking about God and Godess as well as nature. Early days, I’ll be reading round the subject and listening to stirring music. I may try to find more life models more consciously now to represent my embryonic vision.  Click link https://twitter.com/Heatherburns201  to see my thoughts on twitter at heatherburns201. This is my ‘Crow/Vanaheim’ wall in my studio to inspire me further!

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Transformations Exhibition, Hanse House, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England

Here are some more shots of the exhibition just to give you more of a flavour of the day. It was especially wonderful for me to meet fellow ‘Transformers’ in the flesh as it were. We had great conversations about how we made our work and the illusive nature of Mr.Ovid’s text ‘Metamorphoses’. It really felt like I already knew them so well, which I kind of do through twitter conversations and support, as well as email.il.

‘Transformations’ Exhibition, Hanse House, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England

Finally got to my blog post! I can share some great images and thoughts from the much awaited Transformations Exhibition. 30 creatives; poets and artists, from across the world reinterpreting Ovid’s classic text ‘Metamorphoses’,put on by the Artipeeps group from Cambridge, England, director Nicky Mortlock. My painting ‘The Circle Is Unbroken’ was on display there. It is my final response from  Book VII specifically the Medea story. You can read about the development of the painting, and see supporting drawings on the archive of this blog.pic.twitter.com/QTpQEHTmyE

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Here are some shots of the exhibition. Here’s my painting in situ with some of the poems alongside. The ‘cages’ used to display the work were fantastic. It meant you were not ‘sealed off’ from other people viewing the exhibition. This transparency really worked as an experience within the exhibition, especially when the live poetry readings took place.     Here are the students from King Edward VII Academy Kings Lynn, on arrival at the show. They were great and really seemed to engage with and enjoy the work. Some took part in the poetry readings as well. I’ll share more shots on my next post.

Silver Birch oilpainting being worked on at the gallery outside

I took this piece to my brother’s gallery stuartbroadhurstceramics.co.uk when I was looking after it last week. I was able to continue painting in-between serving customers as some of the days were flooded in glorious sunshine. I have to be careful now not to overdo things and know when to stop! I’m back at home now and getting back into the swing of a new term at school. Tuesday is my day off this year so will be doing my own stuff on this day and painting. Watch this space!

Silver Birch sketch

This drawing was made on the spot in the Lonnin near my dad’s house in the Lake-district. The motif spoke to me as for my previous piece. The trees seemed luminous and pale against the dry stone wall and vegetation. I stood and drew on the spot in the late afternoon, using soft pencil and oil-pastel. I made the drawing over two sessions going back at about the same time to get the light the same. I took photos as well which I will also share. This ancient narrow track is providing a wealth of inspiration.