Stretched new canvas

Just finished preparing my new canvas for my painting based on the ‘Solitary Figure’ explorations shared on this blog. I found little raised bubbles where I hadn’t quite stretched it enough so painted the back with plain water and let it dry naturally.┬áThat certainly did the trick and I’m really pleased with it, all the imperfections are gone.┬áSo watch for developments on this blog as the painting progresses. I’m going to use oil and went to get more liquin medium and distilled turps today. Gathering, gathering. You can see a before and after shot here!CANVAS 2large canvas on easel ready to paint

Feather and indian ink drawing Lymeregis Cobb

This drawing was the first piece of art I have made in a couple of weeks. Have been feeling a bit strange after retiring and finding it hard to approach my own work. My photographer Kevin Roberts gave me some A4 art papers to work on, and I was looking through an old sketchbook from 1999 and a little study of the cobb at Lyme took my attention. It was made on the spot one very blustery Boxing day on a holiday there. I thought the lines were beautiful and would get me back into making marks. This is the result together with the original sketch. I have some big ideas for a painting based on my ‘Solitary Figure’ studies but am not quite ready to approach it. I’m being very gentle with myself and I know that I will get there. Have faith folks!lyme regis cobb original sketchLymeregis cobb study 29 07 2015