Blue Mug and Freesias

Here are two more little studies made on the glorious green handmade paper that I bought at Saltaire Mill the other week. I’m still reading Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard and will be filling the paper I bought in response to some of these ideas about the places we live or have lived and what they mean to us. I kind of knew I wanted to do a study of my big blue mug even before I painted it. That’s often how it goes with me, not sure why. I have loads more ideas of what to do will just see where it takes me. Don’t forget to click to enlarge to see the marks more mug yellow fresias

Our door , very small piece on handmade green paper, acrylic and pencil

I made this piece on some wonderful handmade paper that I bought at Saltaire mill last Friday when I went to see the Hockney show there. His use of colour resonates long after the visit. I’ve been reading Gaston Bachelard Poetics of Space, in relation to my ‘nest’ investigations for the proposed collaborative show with Neoartists based on the theme ‘Self and Other’. His thoughts on the nature of the houses we live in or have lived in resonate on so many levels. I fell for our current house because of the front door. Here is a sketch I made today. I hope to explore the house though a series of little drawings and paintings and see where it takes me.hockney arrival of spring people looking Am including some shots of the Hockney visit too. hockney section of paintingAlso,  I’ve just completed a study in the same media of orchids and irises on our window-ledge. I’ll keep exploring the house nest with studies like these all week and see what develops. I have lots of paper so watch this space! Don’t forget to click to enlarge to see marks and colour more clearly.our door 2 may 2016hockney saltaire looking inorchids and irises