Crystal and Shroud on A1 Waterford paper

I made this large drawing before we went away on a short break to France including 2 visits to Paris. It is based on a roll of canvas I found at my dad’s that I am going to use for my next series of paintings so watch this space! The roll looks a bit like a shrouded  body as you can see from the photo. I went with this and included a response to one of my quartz crystals as well. I thought I hadn’t finished it but on reflection I now think I have. I often find work has to sit with me a while before I decide. Do click on images to enlarge. I used watercolour and coloured crayon together with a water-pen that I bought when visiting the Hockney at Tate Britain. Everything comes in. I am gradually approaching a major piece that will take on the big themes suffice to say! This will be for the collaborative show that I am co-curating with Jasmine Renold at Neoartists in Bolton for summer 2018 based on the theme ‘Self and Other’.