Puppetry experiments

These are two of the fired puppet heads I made last year painted and developed into glove puppets as experiments for my Artshealth MA. I just let them develop as they wanted to. The canvas I used is from the roll I found at my father’s house when clearing. I have been studying my book on Francis Bacon for colours and remembering the show from Tate Liverpool which I went to last year. The baby face of one of the puppet heads reminded me of Bacon. I enjoyed sewing the canvas flaps on and painting them. Am stopping sooner than I normally would as with my 2D work. Also, I think it reflects Bacon’s way of drawing. It’s been difficult tuning in to him because his work is so challenging and works on so many levels. He certainly wasn’t afraid to go towards the darker aspects of human experience. Click images to enlarge as usual.

Sprouting Tree, Burtrees

Here are some shots and a sketch of the apple tree at my dad’s house. I am mightily chuffed that it is coming back to life as you can see! I don’t know if it will make big branches but the sprout are hopeful don’t you think. I had extra fun sitting in the drive to draw it and here is the result. Click to enlarge for marks and colour.

The Dolls

Made this little sketch yesterday so thought I’d share it. Have been told by some not to bother and that no-ones interested, but I just decided to go ahead anyway! This is more like a kind of visual diary. Am gently trying to get back into practical work and major piece I am planning so see drawing as kind of limbering up. These are my dolls from my childhood found recently in a tea-chest at my dad’s when clearing. It felt like meeting old friends again. So many hugs and kisses wasted on these! But that’s a kind of rehersal for something real too. I have had my research proposal signed off finally for my Artshealth MA so can hunker down now and make stuff in-between family commitments. Click to enlarge as usual folks!