The Waterbabies sketches, ink and watercolour

This has been a bit of an inbetween time really. I have a wonderful first edition of Charles Kingsley’s ‘The Waterbabies’ which I have been reading for the first page turning. It was not one of my childhood books, and reading it in adulthood has been a very moving experience. I am going to make one of my puppets in response to it on a larger scale, and will post some shots of my experiments soon. I have been sketching a little and am sharing these here. These are of the treats Mrs Bedonebyasyoudid gave the children and Tom in the story. They may become part of the puppet too, we’ll see. I made a large triptych before Christmas in response to the loss of my father, which will go on exhibition at the forthcoming show in summer for ‘Self and Other’ which I am co-curating for Neoartists in Bolton. I don’t really want to share shots of that on here before it is shown, so you will have to come to the exhibition for a viewing! Details will be posted on here nearer the time so keep an eye open.There are some great artists and poets participating and we are getting excited about it all. I can honestly say I am delving deep for this, and not everyone will like what I am doing, but I accept that it’s all part of it. Click to enlarge and see detail as usual everyone.