More Grasmere sketches

I made these two sketches from the car waiting for the others to return from their hike. I liked the walled fields on the fell. They came back just as I was painting with my watercolours so had to stop, but I quite like the minimalist effect!

Grasmere sketching

Went to Grasmere in the Lake-district last week and had a lovely time sketching. I went on a little walk round the village and environs whilst my son and his wife and my partner did a much more ambitious hike. I had brought my sketching stuff and found a little bench near the millenium bridge on my little walk and settled myself there. I thought at first that really the fell and little garden folly weren’t really that interesting, but as I started to sketch and paint I saw more and more. Sketching really does help you see better. The photo didn’t capture the experience of the fell and garden atall really.

Edges embroidery

I have just done this little embroidery using the theme ‘edges’ as inspiration. I’ve been looking at paintings of street scenes by the masters and also by inspiring local artists who have painted Manchester. The contrast to the natural world appeals I think though am not really sure where the impetus came from really as is often the case with me! I am enjoying softening the edges I have created with colours and a mix of stitches. Click to enlarge as per usual!