A1 painting on paper, in acrylic, gesso and graphite stick

This is a painting with drawn elements that I made today from a sketch that I’ve just shared in the previous post based on the painting by Kiefer entitled The Morgenthau Plan 2013 I made the original sketch sat on the bench in the busy gallery. I have my oil pastels in a little box with slots for the colours so they don’t get messy. I didn’t have much grey though which was unfortunate as Kiefer uses it a lot, I had found a tiny bit though. People kept walking in front of me but I was able to get something down. I used this and my memory to make the painting today. I like the references to Van Gogh and his late Cornfield painting. The workmen’s boots also were fascinating and appropriate. Resonances of Starry Night, and even fallen stars in the blue splodges amongst the corn. Don’t forget to click on the image to enlarge.