About me

My interest is in interpreting places, belongings and experiences that are special to me.

Nature is our best teacher. To go out into the world and experience what it has to offer, to respond and then finally make something is what motivates me and always has done. The layers of my accumulated seeing, memory , and filtering of these stimuli through to the finished, or unfinished, work is my journey. It never stops.

I’m thinking about what I want to make, about pictures and colour, all the time. I can let go of the finished work to good homes to make room for the new. The cycle is never-ending. The journey is always exciting once you wake up to the world we all share.

You can read about the stories behind my inspiration over the years on the pages of this site, as well as seeing some of the key pieces I have made.


Whitehaven Grammar School

Leeds University

I am an artist and art teacher living and working in East Lancashire since 1987. I live in the small market town of Clitheroe with my husband and cat, and have two grown-up sons living in London. My paintings and drawings have been exhibited at the local Haworth Art Gallery in Accrington. I was a practicing teacher of Art and Design at Clitheroe Royal Grammar School until the summer of 2015.You can read some testimonials from former students here. I have worked with contemporary artists such as Ian Murphy, Andrew Ratcliffe and Sarah McDade during the course of my teaching and have learnt much from them. I have supported and encouraged many young artists over the years of my teaching as well as developing my own work.

I have recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Arts Health from the University of Central Lancashire (Autumn 2019). My work uses puppetry making as an aid for personal connectivity and inter-relatedness for adult survivors of sexual abuse. I hope to be collaborating with a charity who help such people and take referrals from local authorities. This will form the core of my next venture so watch this space. I am also in the embryonic stages of planning a show with painters this time, but that could become real a few years down the line.

 Purchasing my work

The original paintings and drawings are available to purchase. Discussion as to the price of individual pieces can be made by emailing me at the address provided. Giclee prints can also be ordered on Somerset Velvet paper to bespoke sizes. Thanks to Kevin Roberts for photographing my work for these, and for the photography on this site.