‘Catbells’ was commissioned because we have great feelings for this part of the lakes. My Dad being a local lad, meant that many a happy family holiday was spent in Grange in Borrowdale at a relative’s house during my childhood. My Dad’s ashes are scattered in the little church yard at Grange. My cousin and very great friend Emma was very much part of those memories, living at Grange, and when she died very suddenly it was a shock to too many. However now as the fortunate ones, we continue to climb Cat Bells again and again and have wonderful memories of two very special people and a wonderful place to visit.

Toni Baxter-Davies

Student Testimonial

Heather Burns taught me Fine Art for 7 years and had a huge impact on my creativity. I was nurtured to follow my artistic whim’s and indulge in the kind of art I enjoyed the most. However, I was frequently entertained by stories and history lessons of the many great artists ensuring my knowledge of art history was as strong as my practical technique.

I was given a strong grounding in my practice which enabled me to explore the more experimental and cutting edge forms of art always knowing that my mentor had laid this solid foundation to which I could return if I felt I had strayed a little too far. This is an ethos I have employed to the rest of my life.

As a person Heather Burns is warm, kind and extremely talented. Her knowledge and technique are vast and this combined with her unrivalled patience has quite a moving effect on everyone she meets. She has been one of the biggest sources of inspiration to my own artistic and musical work.

Neil Balfour (musician)

‘Mrs Burns – allowed me to be who I am today – a free thinking, independent, creative young woman.  Heather Burns is a creative, caring and enthusiastic individual.’

 Toria Lee (artist)

Maggi Toner-Edgar (Phd Artist and designer)

Heather has been committed to the arts the whole of her working life. She is a dedicated Art tutor and draws from the experience of her own Fine Art practice, which she continues to develop and present to public audiences. The nature of her work is very dynamic as she is creative with colour and often works on a large scale. Her canvases explore intuitive, gestural mark-making, which also ensures a bold, confident painting style that is visually lively and dramatic.