AI canvas mixed media piece ‘Woven Landscape’

Last Thursday and  Friday I knew it was time to go back in the studio and bring my on site sketches and previous explorations of the Vanaheim theme, shared in this blog, together into some kind of developmental piece. I’d prepared some tissue and emulsion collages on A3 so tore these and glued them to my A1 canvas to give the distressed surface I was looking for, all the while debating with myself ‘Shall I draw or paint?’. I’d already painted Frejyr’s necklace at Christmas and decided rather that paint it again that I’d cut it off it’s stretcher and collage that on too. This all happened on Thursday. I even tried burning the edges of the Frejyr necklace painting, but that didn’t work too well. Then on the Friday I started to draw with graphite stick and soft pencil the motif of the Freyr knitting drawing I’d made previously based on Jen Thompson knitting of the same name. This seemed to work. Then I started to include images of Great Gable, Odin’s mountain, which I will talk about in another post and the intriguing woven motif I’d sketched from the base of the Gosforth cross which I’ve just shared on a previous blog. I stopped earlier than normal and now I’m thinking ‘that’s it’ . Letting it all settle with me awhile. I used a little water-colour on top of the graphite but that was all.woven landscape on easelwoven landscape close-up