Needle-wallet prototype

I have been experimenting with this little needlewallet proto-type for myself, and prospectively to make for participants in the proposed puppetry workshops for sexual abuse survivors. I have been reading a wonderful book ‘Threads of Life’ by Clare Hunter and was particularly impressed to learn how important and precious needles were through the ages. It makes sense really! So I got to thinking that making a needle-wallet for myself and the prospective participants in the workshops would be a special gift that makes needles and pins always easy to find. I would link the painting on the silk lining to the drawings made in lock-down at the garden I visit to draw and do a little tidying. Here are some images of what I have been doing. Am on with the second wallet now but will not share that out of respect for the prospective participants. Some things need to stay special and private, but thought you may all like to see my proto-tyoe.

Am still finishing my large oil so watch this space for pics of that when I am done, which isn’t quite yet I feel!

‘You’ve got my back’ patchwork on reverse of linen dress

I decided to add patchwork pieces onto the back panel of the linen dress I have been working on. The criteria for the patches was that they should come from fabric that had been gifted to me by way of clothes or textile pieces by the special people in my life. This becomes a celebration and a thankyou through the slow process of stitich and choice of fabric and composition. Will add more images as I complete the piece. Click to enlarge the shots as usual!

Linen Embroidered Dress

I decided to extend my patchwork experiments onto a linen dress of mine as a surface to work on. It really doesn’t matter if it’s canvas. paper or fabric ,I approach it all in in a similar way. Composition and colour choices etc all come into it, you are just using different media. I love the tactile sense that is involved in the making and finished piece in textile responses and it all links to my puppetry and embroidery experiments. I am calling the front of the dress ‘joy’ as the only criteria I extended to choosing fabrics was that they should have brought me joy through colour, texture or memory. The back panel which I have just started I will call, ‘you’ve got my back’ and the criteria will be that they will have been gifted by friends or family who have done just that!

New embroideries

Am still hand sewing in-between painting sessions as I find it really brings me into the moment during these worrying Covid times, and it links to my proposed puppetry workshops. A friend very kindly gave me some embroidery threads and patchwork fabric which I am really enjoying using. I also use fabric from old dresses and even current ones as well as gifted pieces, The only rule is that they should bring me joy through colour, motif , texture or memory associated with them. I am starting with simple running stiches and experimenting with other more complicated stitch from a V & A booklet which the same friend lent me. Am still continuing with my large oil painting, but not ready to share that yet as I tend to stop if I share too soon and I have more to say I think. Just so happy as am able to paint as I wasn’t able to in the first lockdown as I was just so worried about everyone in hospital. I still am really concerned, but am trying not to watch too much news as I find that really heightens my anxiety. The sewing focuses me, and is so free and creative without planning involved, and its quite exciting seeing where it all ends up! So much more than a distraction but a way in of actualising self as I have learned from my counsellor friends! Click images to enlarge for detail folks…

Embroidery continued

Phew, into 2021 lets hope it offers some light at the end of the tunnel regarding the Covid situation. I’ve been pottering on with my embroidery and am really enjoying exploring different stitches and layering effects. I even added a bit of clay modelling despite being advised not  to by friends on social media. I hope to use such samplers with participants in my proposed workshop for sexual abuse survivors as an aid to connectivity and inter-relatedness. I don’t want to share what I do with them though as I don’t want to unduly influence. Creativity is particular, personal and innate and I hope to bring that out without participants feeling the need to copy or imitate. I will offer bespoke demonstration of stitch and embellishment, but the ideas will very much be their own. You just can’t help but be creative starting with a very simple running stitch. I really believe in the benefits of all this as an aid to bring us into the present, not as a distraction, but to experience the moment in a fuller and un-staid manner. I have sent a proposal to a local facility that offers counselling to such survivors. They said there may be some funding for materials, so fingers crossed that it comes off this year when we get the vaccine and can meet in person. It really does need to be experienced this way on so many levels.

Embroidery Sampler

I’ve been making this embroidery sampler in-between painting sessions, with a view to making such with the adult sexual abuse survivors in the puppetry workshops I propose to offer. Running stitch is so easy and would be a great way in for anyone to start making creatively in an accessible and achievable way. You just start with a straight line and see where it takes you, it is just in the nature of such low key creations that you can’t help but just let things happen and the ideas begin to come! I would offer guidance, on simple stitches in a bespoke way and then gradually work towards ideas for abstract puppetry. This would be a great lead in I think, and very enjoyable in its own right, The repetitive sewing action brings you into the present engaging with whatever you are making in an open-ended and creative way. The sense of touch is integral in all stages from threading needles to creating stitches and adding embellishment be it beads or string etc. The possibilities are endless!

More Birks Mere sketches

I went to the garden I visit again last Thursday. The weather was perfect and it was wonderful as usual to tune into nature and draw. I take my watercolours, pencils and chinagraph pencil as usual and see what pulls me towards it. The large rhododendron bush at the bottom of the garden was the candidate to begin with, I had noticed it the last time I came and this was the right choice. I drew first for this one and laid watercolour on afterwards, but also drew on top of the watercolour, no rules really!

Next came a heather bush that was flowering. I studied a few individual flowers then the whole bush. Watercolour first this time then drawing but move between the two as ever! Rules are made to be broken after-all!

Birks Mere sketches

Here are some more watercolour and chinagraph pencil sketches made on the 6th November ‘plein air’. Rejuvenating as ever, I really enjoyed using the china-graph pencil and found the tacky way it connects with the paper really satisfying, I am on with a large oil at the moment based on the garden so watch this space. Won’t share that as yet as I tend to stop once I share and am not ready yet!

Have been locked out of Facebook again as I keep getting hacked by someone in Birmingham this time! It’s OK though at least FB are working on looking out for me, though I do miss talking to my friends. Guess it will come back when it’s clear. Meanwhile I can share what I do on here and on twitter! I won’t be stopped by these people! I feel quite strongly about this, why should our creative voices be silence by these mischief makers.

I did a zoom session last week with the facility that offers counselling with survivors of sexual abuse and discussed my proposed ‘Texture, Touch Quilt’. They seemed to like it, but I really could see the difficulty of getting such vulnerable survivors to collect different bits and pieces at home. May have to get some little kits together or something like that. It’s all a work in progress, but we’ll see. I still really want to do this work as I really believe in its benefits. Watch this space for updates everyone!

‘Texture, Touch Quilt’

I have been experimenting with another strand of artisitic endeavor recently. I can’t offer my proposed workshops in sensorial abstract puppetry at a local facility that offers counselling to sexual abuse survivors because we are in level 3 of Covid restrictions.

However, I recently listened to a radio 4 programme called ‘The Touch Test’. This was very interesting for me, especially the section where an embroideress worked with a surgeon using her creations to help him investigate malignant tumours through touch in the fragile fabrics she uses. She attends operations to watch what they do. I thought about the parallel for sexual abuse survivors who have a heightened awareness of this sense. I set about creating this textile quilt response with scraps I have in the studio. It also follows on from the mini-quilt experiments that I have shared on here. Creating through touch in this way would  bring participants into the present moment, in a continuous and creative fashion  giving creators agency which is potentially healing. So watch this space! I could work with folk on Zoom potentially. The hard surface of the table in front of participants would also offer a solid and comforting quality, and prevent fragile pieces of fabric from floating around in an alarming way.

Here is the Touch Test link:

Garden sketches, pencil and watercolour

These sketches were made a couple of weeks ago at the garden I visit to draw and help with the plants and trees a little. I can’t go today as I was hoping because of the weather. I’m finding nature and especially the oak trees really help just being with them and watching the wind in the leaves during these Covid times. The seasons flow on despite what is happening to us. I was raking the little acorns from around the trees and finding saplings everywhere. You really appreciate the cycle of these beauties. There are a few oaks that have established and I can understand how they do it. Click sketches to enlarge for detail folks!