Barcelona Gaudi mosaic oil pastel drawing.

I’ve just shared an older piece based on a mosaic that I saw in the ceiling under the main terrace at Park Guell created by Gaudi in consultation with Jujol the glass maker. It was a riot of colour and invaded the senses on so many levels. This was like a cool cave of artistic jewels on the ceiling filled with these masterful mosaic and glass discs. It was a huge welcome relief to be in there after the heat of the day in the park itself. We were there in August, and it took us some time to accclimatise to the heat. We would often go out sketching in the heat until we learned not to the hard way after a bout of mild sunstroke! A truly unforgettable holiday. I just thought it would be good to share this after the glorious days of sunshine we’ve been enjoying in the U.K. Real gratitude and appreciation for this, we’ve almost forgotten what it’s like, how it affects state of mind, attitude, everything.