Birks Mere sketches

Here are some more watercolour and chinagraph pencil sketches made on the 6th November ‘plein air’. Rejuvenating as ever, I really enjoyed using the china-graph pencil and found the tacky way it connects with the paper really satisfying, I am on with a large oil at the moment based on the garden so watch this space. Won’t share that as yet as I tend to stop once I share and am not ready yet!

Have been locked out of Facebook again as I keep getting hacked by someone in Birmingham this time! It’s OK though at least FB are working on looking out for me, though I do miss talking to my friends. Guess it will come back when it’s clear. Meanwhile I can share what I do on here and on twitter! I won’t be stopped by these people! I feel quite strongly about this, why should our creative voices be silence by these mischief makers.

I did a zoom session last week with the facility that offers counselling with survivors of sexual abuse and discussed my proposed ‘Texture, Touch Quilt’. They seemed to like it, but I really could see the difficulty of getting such vulnerable survivors to collect different bits and pieces at home. May have to get some little kits together or something like that. It’s all a work in progress, but we’ll see. I still really want to do this work as I really believe in its benefits. Watch this space for updates everyone!