Cactii in plantpots still-life, oil-pastel and soft pencil

Here’s a still-life I made last Monday on paper that was slightly smaller than A1. I’m enjoying my drawings on this theme as a result of my response to the TV programme, ‘Apples, pears and paint’ that was broadcast on Channel 4 a couple of weeks ago. I have some more thoughts as to how to develop it further inspired by Bonnard, who I’ve always loved, and David Cook an artist who I know and who doesn’t live so far away from me in Yorkshire. My work is always being nudged in different directions by the people I’m looking at, either masters I see in the flesh as it were, or on twitter or the work of artists I know. Ultimately I want to make my own new statement though whatever that is! It may work or it may not, but I never stop trying to say something. It is strange and illusive this visual world. I’m thinking of light and shade, colour and marks as an undercurrent to my days. Motifs and subjects present themselves to me as I go along. These cactii have been in the front porch of our house for a very long time. The bag behind them was given to me by my son. The mango in the previous still-life was a gift from a friend which I very much enjoyed eating afterwards! I bought the lemon and lime myself. These stories weave themselvesĀ into my days.