I am happy to undertake commissions and have done several.

One of my more recent commissions is the Cat Bells  

This was made for friends and now hangs ‘in situ’ above their sofa .You can read about the story behind this piece on this site. I am interested in undertaking commissions to interpret a ‘special place’ for anyone who would like me to. The whole experience of finding a suitable location, discussing it’s special significance for those concerned, going there with them, and then independently and finally producing the piece, had a complete and joyful quality that I would like to repeat for those who would like to commission me. It came out of me doing this originally for myself having responded to Cader Idris Rock It is wonderful to have a painting of such places with you in your home. I will always remember the smile on my friend’s face when she told me the special place she and her husband had decided upon for their chosen motif. It felt important and real and I felt privileged to do the piece.

Signed prints can also be ordered (maximum size A3) of individual pieces or details from them as shown on this site. Again price can be ascertained by emailing me at the address provided. I have given prints as weddings gifts and had them framed .This is of a piece called Camelia