Corvid Feeding, indian ink on A1 Waterford paper

Corvid feeding ink warningsCorvid feeding warnings close-upI made this ink and feather drawing on Tuesday in response to Kate Garrett’s poem ‘Warnings’. It is the second of three that I plan to do. I used the large crow feather that I usually work with to make it, with some loose ink washes applied with a large soft brush. I went to the graveyard to study the crows and meditate prior to making the drawing, having read Kate’s poem again before leaving. You can read it too via the link on my previous blog post on here. I’m coming to the very dark aspects of the imagery. The crows were aware of me today in the graveyard. They were flying close and one fellow jumped off the gravestones to look directly at me. I was drawing the trees there. I find if I pretend I’m not really interested in them they are around me much more. If I try to walk towards them they just disappear, that’s not how they work. As in Kate’s poem it’s like listening to a different language. I meditated in the graveyard.. The air felt thick and deep, the weight of all those lives. Not sad, just other.Crows in the graveyard today