Embroidery Sampler

I’ve been making this embroidery sampler in-between painting sessions, with a view to making such with the adult sexual abuse survivors in the puppetry workshops I propose to offer. Running stitch is so easy and would be a great way in for anyone to start making creatively in an accessible and achievable way. You just start with a straight line and see where it takes you, it is just in the nature of such low key creations that you can’t help but just let things happen and the ideas begin to come! I would offer guidance, on simple stitches in a bespoke way and then gradually work towards ideas for abstract puppetry. This would be a great lead in I think, and very enjoyable in its own right, The repetitive sewing action brings you into the present engaging with whatever you are making in an open-ended and creative way. The sense of touch is integral in all stages from threading needles to creating stitches and adding embellishment be it beads or string etc. The possibilities are endless!