Feather and indian ink drawing Lymeregis Cobb

This drawing was the first piece of art I have made in a couple of weeks. Have been feeling a bit strange after retiring and finding it hard to approach my own work. My photographer Kevin Roberts gave me some A4 art papers to work on, and I was looking through an old sketchbook from 1999 and a little study of the cobb at Lyme took my attention. It was made on the spot one very blustery Boxing day on a holiday there. I thought the lines were beautiful and would get me back into making marks. This is the result together with the original sketch. I have some big ideas for a painting based on my ‘Solitary Figure’ studies but am not quite ready to approach it. I’m being very gentle with myself and I know that I will get there. Have faith folks!lyme regis cobb original sketchLymeregis cobb study 29 07 2015