Frejya’s disappearing necklace, pastel pencil on tissue collage

I made this piece on Tuesday in response to my Vanaheim explorations for the Norse myth collaboration for the Cambridge based arts group Artipeeps. I’ve been drawing the Norse motifs by knitter Jen Thomson who has also been assigned to the Vanaheim realm, which you can see on earlier posts on this blog. Today I decided to take the creative risk of merging the knitting with the imagery of Frejya’s necklace that I painted at Christmas. I had the drawings arranged round my studio as well as the little painting to contextualise what I’m trying to do in a visual way. I’d made the tissue paper and print surface last Wednesday with one of my Year 13 students after school, so it was there waiting for me. The pastel pencil marks felt like knitting as I progressed with the drawing. I had started with the necklace and drew the knitted cave-like motif on top. The next stage is to go to Gosforth cross in Cumbria which is rich in real Viking motifs and draw on site to provide resource material to go into drawings and designs for my final piece. Watch this space! Half term next week so I can get on it! Don’t forget to click on images to enlarge especially last ones to see marks more clearly.freyas disappearing necklace on board in studiofrejya's disappearing necklace 2frejyas disappearing necklace close-upfrejyas's disappearing necklace close-up 2