Frejya’s necklace Vanaheim

Here is a little acrylic sketch that I made this holiday in response to the Norse Myth collaboration with Cambridge arts group Artipeeps. We have each been assigned a ‘realm’ mine is Vanaheim. I’m finding it difficult to respond to as it feels so illusive. I have been reading about the Gods and Goddesses from the realm and Freyja’s necklace felt like something I could interpret. My sister-in-law Mara gave me the necklace I have used in the sketch. She is half Orkadian, hailing from Stromness in Orkney. The fact it came from there seemed to fit really well, Viking blood in there! Really exciting links to the Gosforth Cross in Eskdale Cumbria emerging too, a mix of Christian and Norse iconography from the time when the Vikings pushed inland to colonise the valley. Watch this space.! Don’t forget to click on image to enlarge!