Freyjr’s Disappearing Necklace, acrylic on canvas A1

Here’s my experimental painting so far in response to the Vanaheim realm for the collaboration I am involved with for Artipeeps arts group from Cambridge England. This exploration in paint and indian ink forms the latest outcome in a series of drawings and paintings made over the winter months and back into last year as shared on this blog. Freyjr’s necklace seems so central to me, not just because it was so important to her, but that it led to all sorts of trouble down the line, not just for her but the whole kingdom as told in the saga. Her greed for this piece of jewellery knew no bounds, and it represents her sensuality in so many ways. It represents so much to all of us I feel, so I knew that it would be central in my response. Vanaheim as a realm continues to elude me as I have already shared, so I accept this nebulous quality and have tried to convey that in the use of layers or veils of colour. Don’t forget to click on the image to enlarge for more detail. There’s a Franz Kline painting that inspired me in terms of brushwork first franz kline painting.jpg 1953 from twitterwhich he painted in 1953.Freyr's disappearing necklace painting close-upFreyjr's Disappearing Necklace on easel