Gosforth cross artwork: on site sketches and develpoment

Here are the sketches made on site at this wonderful Viking cross last Tuesday. I was fascinated by the horse and rider motif on one side and this was my first sketch. The red sandstone itself is covered in moss and lichen and the other side curiously not.  I spent a little while on this sketch before moving onto the other explorations which you can see. The interlocking pattern denoting the trunk of the tree of life Yggdrasil held me most. I Iost all track of time and space when making that. A strange connected sensation. I knew this would be the one that would find its way into my work even as I made it. I was standing very close to the cross, able to touch it and immerse myself in the experience. The bare trees throw the piece into sharp relief against the sky. The clouds gradually cleared as I worked. Click images to enlarge and to see my marks more clearly.Gosforth cross base of carved motifs detailGosforth cross horse and rider sketch made on sitegosforth cross hare-like creatureGosforth cross reindeer sketch made on siteGosforth cross interlocking motif sketch made on site