Gosforth Cross visit

I was there for about an hour and twenty minutes only, I distinctly remember hearing the church bell chime eleven, then time took on a different quality as I drew and the next thing I knew it was sounding twelve o.clock. I became fascinated by the woven pattern at the base which represent the tree of life Yggdrasil in Norse myth. I have been assigned the realm Vanaheim to respond to visually for my collaboration with Cambridge based arts group Artipeeps. I have been struggling to visualise anything concrete when working on this apart from Frejyr’s necklace which I have painted and discussed in earlier blog posts. This cross has certainly given me real food for thought. I was able to touch it and get up close and personal with a carving made by Viking craftsmen on the site it was intended for. I am still processing it all and will be for some time I think. I made a large mixed media drawing interpreting it all this week which I will share soon as well as the sketches I made on site. Please click to enlarge, well worth doing when it works!Gosforth cross close-up 2Gosforth cross close-up 11Gosforth cross close-up 10Gosforth cross close-up 4Gosforth cross close-up 14Gosforth cross close-up 3