Gosforth Cross visit

Hi there folks, am excited to share images and thoughts on my recce to the Gosforth Cross in Cumbria, England last week. It was over 40 years ago that I was here last, when as a sixth former I came especially to draw this very special artefact. I had thought I wouldn’t be able to get there this time as plans and arrangements fell through at every turn. However, as so often I find once I let go of trying to control events, I was able to arrange some drawing time there on a brief visit to my favourite valley of Eskdale. I’d prepared all my drawing things before leaving and just hoped for dry weather on the Tuesday morning as I drove towards St.Mary’s church Gosforth where it stands. Here are some shots of the context and the cross itself with it’s fascintating mix of Christian and Viking iconography from 920-950 AD . Don’t forget to click images to enlarge, some work some don’t but the detail is great when it does!Gosforth cross close-up 9Gosforth cross close-up 21Gosforth cross in contextGosforth cross close-up 8Gosforth cross close-up 12