Man Reading on a Bench in Bruges, large oil

I’ve just completed this large oil on canvas piece. I stopped earlier than I normally would as I sometimes overdo things! This is my new policy. A piece is never really ‘finished’ you just stop at an interesting point! This follows on from my ‘Solitary Figure’ investigations made from my trip to Bruges at Spring Bank holiday. I wanted to evoke the memory of the man complete and content in his own solitude in this wonderful place. I have been relishing the peace and quiet to paint. However, the old folks bungalows are being retiled opposite our house and the noise as the tiles are taken off the roofs has been incredible in my little studio. So you never really achieve peace. I managed to see a kind of beauty in it all though. The tiles made rippling waves as they fell off each roof. There’s a message in all this. Once I accepted the intrusion I could find it had it’s own fascination even though I hadn’t asked for it. We’re never really alone are we? Maybe this man was for a little while. Except he wasn’t was he! I’d noticed him and this is the result! You can see the prep work on this blog and I’ll post the stages of the painting as it developed next.Man reading on a bench in Bruges large oil comlete cropMan reading on a bench in Bruges large oil comlete crop