Man sitting on a bench in Bruges

I saw this man sitting reading engrossed in his book last week when we were in Bruges. I love saying that after having watched the film. He was completely absorbed and at peace. I suppose these solitary figures are creeping into my awareness after looking at Peter Doigs painting ‘Blotter’ again, and thinking a lot about introversion and being complete in one’s own solitude. This man certainly was. He didn’t look up as I went past or when I looked back at him from the bridge. There’s a photo of him too for you to see. Do click on the images to enlarge and see marks and detail. Real life. Here’s the Peter Doig painting ‘Blotter’ that won the John Moore’s painting prize all those years ago and inspired my current responses to some extent. Oil on canvas 1993Peter Doig BlotterMan sitting on a bench in Bruges with flash smallerman sitting on a bench in Bruges close-upman reading bruges