More little studies on the hand-made green paper

Here are some more of the little acrylic and pencil studies on green paper from around my house. I seem to be feeling very nostalgic about it even though I’m living here, not sure what all that is about. Maybe I sense an impermanence or something. I made one of the lightpull in our bathroom bought for me by my mum. It’s really heavy made of green metal. I’m letting the things in our house tell me if they want to be painted and drawn. There’s one of the bed and of our backyard with the ferns and pots. This is all leading somewhere, maybe another big painting. Our stairs have a special significance for me linking to family, could become a major motif. I will know when it tells me! Watch this space and click images to enlarge to see marks and colours in more detail lightpullour stairsbed nestbackyard