Shoreham Rooves: Ascension Road

Here is a little oil I’ve been working on recently. It’s based on a sketch I made looking towards a hill near Shoreham. Samuel Palmer must have looked at this view. He saw it as Paradise. Click to enlarge to see marks and colour folks:-)

No Spikes

Here is a little sketch I made of a cactus I bought in Fontainebleau market on a recent visit to France for my son. I missed the one I originally intended for him as a lady picked it up and bought it whilst I dithered. This was the nearest one to it on the stall. I love these little cacti that are so individual just like us really. I decided to draw it before I gave it to him and this is the result. Still a bit blocked with my art as have been writing for my artshealth MA, this part nearly done so looking forward to getting back into some major painting. Watch this space folks 🙂

Wedding Flowers

A little study of a flower arrangement that was on our table at a friends wedding from the other week in the sweltering heat. Lovely idea to give them to guests as they leave. I decided to make this little study back at home before they wilted too much. Loved the lace round the jars. The groom’s sister did a fashion degree at Nottingham Trent so lovely connection to that, the home of some beautiful lace.

Photographs from short break to France Veneux-les-Sablons

Thought I’d share some shots of our holiday in France which was much needed and very enjoyable. We camped near the small town of Veneux-les-Sablons and were able to get the train easily from there into Paris to see the Monet’s at the Orangerie so we had the best of all possible worlds! We stayed near to a spot where we camped in 1978 when we did a tour of Europe hitch-hiking starting with 2 weeks in Oslo Norway studying Munch-bliss!

Squashed rose

I made this little study the other day of a rose I found on the ground on my way back from the park. I have been struggling to find the wherewithal to draw let alone paint recently but am trying not to be too hard on myself and am doing little bits to get back into it. My memory card on my camera is also broken but I now have a new one and have found a different way in any case of uploading photos onto my computer. Flexibility is the name of the game as in so many things! I am busy trying to write my research proposal for my Artshealth MA which is also taking a lot of thinking time. I will get there though! I just keep chipping away and try to be critical. I hope to get back into painting once that is handed in. So will keep you all posted. Don’t forget to click image to enlarge folks to see marks and colour. I used pencil and watercolour for this.

Crystal and Shroud on A1 Waterford paper

I made this large drawing before we went away on a short break to France including 2 visits to Paris. It is based on a roll of canvas I found at my dad’s that I am going to use for my next series of paintings so watch this space! The roll looks a bit like a shrouded  body as you can see from the photo. I went with this and included a response to one of my quartz crystals as well. I thought I hadn’t finished it but on reflection I now think I have. I often find work has to sit with me a while before I decide. Do click on images to enlarge. I used watercolour and coloured crayon together with a water-pen that I bought when visiting the Hockney at Tate Britain. Everything comes in. I am gradually approaching a major piece that will take on the big themes suffice to say! This will be for the collaborative show that I am co-curating with Jasmine Renold at Neoartists in Bolton for summer 2018 based on the theme ‘Self and Other’.

Love in a Mist

Here is my latest drawing, in oil-bar and pencil, and watercolour on Winsor and Newton heavy watercolour paper. I wanted to capture the flowers my son Patrick and his girlfriend Sarah gave me for my birthday before they were finished. They seemed to glow in our dark little sitting room. I do believe things emit an energy that can be positive or negative and all the shades in-between. These gave me a great lift, and I even like when they are dying. They still arrange themselves into wonderful shapes. I’m sharing the stages too as usual, though I often get so involved in the drawing that I forget to take photographs not sure what the solution is! Maybe to film myself as I work?

Lymeregis Cobb for Hull City of Culture The Big Picture

Have just sent a painting as my offering for this great celebration. Tim Smith of Wilberforce College Art Dept contacted me and asked if I was willing to contribute a piece. They should be framed and ready to hang to be given to homes in Hull in an initiative to promote the arts. I couldn’t think which one to choose, but plumped for this one as it is of an iconic structure from another part of the British coastline and I thought it somehow appropriate. I hope whoever gets it likes it!

Flying Little Chair

I have just completed this piece from a drawing of a little pine chair that I have recently shared on this blog. I decided to draw it against colours of the dawn as I saw it the other morning. Do click to enlarge and see marks better. It is in oilbar and pencil on A1 heavy Arches paper that was rather expensive but so worth it to work on!

Little Chair

Here is a sketch I made yesterday. Bit of a watershed moment as I haven’t been drawing for a while as have been busy cleaning dad’s house and trying to get back into uni work. It’s of a lovely little pine chair from the house and I have appropriated with delight. I have to stop bringing stuff back soon! Click to enlarge and see marks more clearly.