Self Portrait A1

This drawing is from a very long time ago, another difficult time for me in my life for many reasons, and I got through that! The piece is barely there, discoloured and damaged but still exists. Art can help us through the tough times. Click to enlarge and see marks folks

Watercolour patchwork study : Droopy and Brown label

Here is a little watercolour study I made of some patchwork on the back of a jacket of mine. The label is from a dress I wore for the evening do at my wedding in ’79.  It was bought in York from the iconic designer ‘Droopy and Brown’. Now out of business, the dresses themselves have become highly collectable vintage pieces. You can see the skirt of the dress hanging under the jacket. I chopped the top off the dress to make the patchwork, but have not destroyed the skirt! The fabric is a Liberty print. You can see a study of the skirt on a previous post before the patchwork pictures.The  patchwork  pictures  shared  on  a previous  post  grew  out  of  this  study,  Watch  this  space as  to  where  this  takes me  next!

Patchwork pictures

I am finding very difficult to find the wherewithall to draw and paint because of the Covid 19 pandemic issues facing us all at the moment. I am trying to accept myself just as I am in this regard and am doing what I can. I find the repetitive action of sewing and choosing fabrics that work together brings me back into the present in a surprisingly comforting and yet still creative way.

These little pictures came after me doing some little watercolour samples in my sketchbook after the skirt drawings I have recently shared on here. Frustrated because my facebook account has been deactivated because it was hacked, but am taking the opportunity to connect through here and may revisit twitter which I used to really like. I am keen to keep in touch online as I feel it is an important creative way of connecting in these difficult times. Do have a go at patchwork yourself too, you don’t need a sewing machine just fabric needle and thread, glue and card! Click to enlarge folks!

Patrick at age 3

This is a very large drawing that I dug out today A1. A bit discoloured and fragile but still with me! It’s of my eldest son Patrick at about age three. He is 35 now and 36 in October. Please click to enlarge to see detail folks!

Some new skirt drawings

Here are some recent skirt drawing I have been making from favourite skirts from the past. They hold characters of their own I find. Sometimes I want to do more than one of a particular skirt. They will inspire a smaller painting I hope to do soon. Nostalgia is not the only motivation, but an acknowledgement that colours, textures and designs of such items that hold our bodies have resonance and meaning. I enjoy digging them out of my wardrobe and studying them anew. What do they mean now, if anything?

Great Aunt Mary’s Chair (pen and watercolour)

Here is a sketch I made a while back of my aunt’s chair which came down to me. It has a wonderful tapestry back and seat covered with strange animals and plants. It always fascinated me.I used some of the imagery in the painting I have just shared  in the previous post.The  chair  was  the  starting  point  for  the  painting  in  effect.

Into the Light (with seated couple after Goya)

Am leaving this oil painting now and am ready to share it with you. It has been a very slow process indeed making this one, not sure why! I am exploring new directions through my work now maybe that’s why it is taking so long. There are some details as well and sketches that I made in preparation from a tapestry chair of my Great Aunt Mary’s. It’s always good to have real objects to draw from as with the bouquet which I shared in a previous post. Click images as usual to enlarge folks!

Bouquet, watercolour and pencil

I made this little watercolour in my sketchbook on Sunday. It’s of a bouquet from one of her bridesmaids given to me by Sarah my new daughter-in-law. I was so touched that she gave me this so I decided to make this study before it lost more colour. I am trying to dry it out like Sarah is doing with hers. We’ll see if it works!

I am also amidst making a larger oil painting which I will share when it is done as I can hamper progress I’ve found if I share too much too soon! Wish me luck folks.

Coffee Morning Fundraiser

Well, the coffee morning went ahead and I’m really pleased with how it all went. It was at The Grand Venue, Clitheroe. I asked friends and neighbours to bake cakes to sell and then folk who came could eat them and donate so that I can gather a pot of money to pay for art materials for my pilot workshops. These workshops are for vulnerable adults, specifically trauma survivors who have experienced sexual abuse. I want to offer the workshops to an organisation who already counsel such survivors and have a clinical team to support them. This idea of mine is gradually becoming real! I am also in the middle of my Artshealth dissertation at the University of Central Lancashire with this project at its centre. The work will go on way beyond the qualification, as it is so needed now more than ever. I wanted the community to gather round and support such vulnerable survivors through the coffee morning and they have! The coffee morning is primarily social which also chimes with so many aspects of my puppetry project. Here are some shots. The feel was calm and protective which was just what I wanted. Thanks to the Grand team led by Geraldine, and Kevin Roberts who made the video under my direction.