‘Nest’ experiments acrylic on heavy watercolour paper A4

I have been making these mark making experimental process pieces in relation the theme ‘Self and Other’, and in particular relating to the Van Gogh inspired notion that cottages are human ‘Nests’. I have been working on the Solitary Figure large oil paintings recently, and these new process pieces are kind of the opposite. I am thinking what it means to be in a very close family with children. I’ve been looking at a rather wonderful family group by Picasso that inspired me on Artstack, and did my own version in Indian Ink on top of one of my nest 1 15 th oct 2015nest 2 15 oct 2015nest 3experiments. I would like to draw my own family group with a young child or baby but don’t know any. I’m sure they will come to me if its’s meant to be. I’ve also been watching the film ‘Running on Empty’ with River Phoenix which incorporates many family issues and challenges in its plot-line. Here are the experiments I made in the order I did them on this post, and the piece by Picasso, ‘Homme, Femme et Enfant’ of 1906 that inspired me is on the next post. The original Van Gogh, ‘Cottage’ 1885  that I recently saw at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam I will share on my next post as well,nest 4