Nest Shadow , complete drawing on Bockingford paper

Here is the complete drawing on A2 heavy Bockingford paper using the oilbars, graphite stick and watercolour. I was working from my jar of beads that resembled a nest that was full of lush rich colour. I like to have something to work from that is real even though I do abstract away from it. I’m including a shot of the real jar of beads. The ‘shadow’ aspect came from a dream, or nightmare really, that I had a couple of weeks back invading the nest as it were. I made the first part of the drawing on Friday 13th Nov ’15 and knew the date was somehow significant even as I made the drawing. The oils bars were hard to control, but I like that. This was all before I heard about Paris. I even tweeted the drawing with the date in the tweet which I have never done before. Make of it what you will, I don’t like explaining too much, presient though in some ways… click images to enlarge for marks folks!

  1. using colour lush but difficult to control quite like that tho Friday the 13th November2015

bead jarnest shadow complete