Patchwork Diamond

Here is my latest effort in the patchwork picture department made over the last two weeks. A little bit more tricky because of the diamond pattern which I borrowed off Angel from ‘Escape to the Chateaux’, where she covered the walls of the turret that was to take the lift they installed with a patchwork of diamonds made of vintage wallpapers. I just used my fabric offcuts (which are running out now). I pinned the fabric over card diamonds, pinned fabric on back, slip stitched the diamonds in place on front and glued on back (PVA). I then removed the pins when dry and mounted in frame. The making and stitching brings me into the present through repeated actions of cutting and stitching. I will gradually approach drawing and painting again but am not pressuring myself. Covid 19 has made it difficult for me to respond creatively as I would normally, but it is all percolating away! Watch this space folks and have a go at patchwork pics, they are fun!