Patchwork pictures

I am finding very difficult to find the wherewithall to draw and paint because of the Covid 19 pandemic issues facing us all at the moment. I am trying to accept myself just as I am in this regard and am doing what I can. I find the repetitive action of sewing and choosing fabrics that work together brings me back into the present in a surprisingly comforting and yet still creative way.

These little pictures came after me doing some little watercolour samples in my sketchbook after the skirt drawings I have recently shared on here. Frustrated because my facebook account has been deactivated because it was hacked, but am taking the opportunity to connect through here and may revisit twitter which I used to really like. I am keen to keep in touch online as I feel it is an important creative way of connecting in these difficult times. Do have a go at patchwork yourself too, you don’t need a sewing machine just fabric needle and thread, glue and card! Click to enlarge folks!