‘Sacred Trust’ A1 pastel-pencil study, first stage

This drawing is in response to the Medea theme and is me exploring the notions of trust in this uniquely sacred relationship between the mother and her newborn child. The feelings are strong, subtle and primal. Artists have explored this relationship since art began both in two and three dimensional responses as we all know. It is central, that’s why the Medea story fascinates so much. What was it that caused her to break this sacred bond so completely? I am exploring the answers and ‘What if’s’ through this work. It is not all dark, and I am finding surprises myself along the way which adds to the fascination. I am so glad I chose to do this even though at first I was fearful and thought it may be overwhelming. I now have one of my artist followers collaborating with me on this which I am very excited about.You’ll find him at  @charliearty on Twitter if you want to take a look. He is very knowledgeable about Greek Myth and has already helped me a lot in conversations on Twitter. Very excited as this just builds and builds. Am going to do a large painting in response to all this during the summer, watch this space!