Screaming Crow, ink and wash

I made this drawing on Monday using ink from some cartridges I found as I’d run out of indian ink.I thought to myself as I hunted for ink, ‘If you’re meant to make the drawing you will find ink’. An image of a screaming crow stayed with me that I’d seen on twitter by ‘Crowtographer’ which is what inspired me. I’m working on a collaboration with the poet Kate Garrett, who you can also find on twitter, on the theme ‘Crow’. Tuning into crow imagery from real life and others work to get me in the mind-set as it were. I’ve talked to Crowtographer and Ladycorvid on twitter and they are happy for me to use their shots to work from, and may even become more consciously involved. Watch this space. So I’ll be exploring and drawing some more, while Kate mergles her ideas around. I’m reading Ted Hughes’ poems as well. I have a ‘crow wall’ in my studio which you can see here of archive work to contextualise it all even further. Here’s my wall:-