Shelagh’s Cross or The Stone of Shame book

On Friday of this week before I started the work on ‘Woven landscape’ shared on the previous blog post, I received some very exciting post via snailmail. This is a story written in the 1930’s about the Gosforth Cross and other Viking relics in St.Mary’s church Gosforth. My husband told me about it as we walked through Eskdale on Monday evening of our stay there. He had read the book a very long time ago but didn’t have a copy any longer. With the wonders of modern technology to hand later on in the pub we were able to order a signed original hardback copy and that is what I received on Friday morning. It is fascinating stuff! It has informed my response in the ‘Woven landscape ‘ piece, and I haven’t finished reading it yet, I have that treat in store!Shelagh of Eskdale book coverstone of shame from bookshelagh's cross image from bookShelagh of Eskdale prefacegreat gable father odins mountainSignature shelagh of Eskdale