Spring Bench, today’s drawing in oil-pastel and pencil

Here’s my drawing from today in the park. It was a perfect day and I was full of the joys of spring, literally, as I walked towards the park. Again keeping myself open to possibility I had meditated at home before I set off. I hoped the tree stump would be there still, but fully expected to do something different, as my thinking and heartfelt response to the Anxiety/ Release brief I’m working on is moving on. The broken tree represents another mood or mind-set as it were.

Here’s the bench in close-up. I started drawing this and the area around it as I was literally pulled towards it by the light falling there, and by the fact that this is my usual meditation bench when I come to the park. I’d already done my practice so didn’t feel the need once there. It’s so familiar and special to me it seemed totally natural to draw it. I saw it from a new and very different perspective though,( from behind the broken tree stump). It’s carefully placed in nature, made by people for people, to rest and be quiet and reflective. It ticks all the boxes.