Squashed rose

I made this little study the other day of a rose I found on the ground on my way back from the park. I have been struggling to find the wherewithal to draw let alone paint recently but am trying not to be too hard on myself and am doing little bits to get back into it. My memory card on my camera is also broken but I now have a new one and have found a different way in any case of uploading photos onto my computer. Flexibility is the name of the game as in so many things! I am busy trying to write my research proposal for my Artshealth MA which is also taking a lot of thinking time. I will get there though! I just keep chipping away and try to be critical. I hope to get back into painting once that is handed in. So will keep you all posted. Don’t forget to click image to enlarge folks to see marks and colour. I used pencil and watercolour for this.