Staithes visit

Had a great break at Staithes by the sea for three days just before the referendum. I did some sketching on the beach at Runswick Bay and have an idea for a big oil in the series for the proposed ‘Self and Other’ show at Neoartists in Bolton for 2018. Can’t share my sketch as am guarding the gold so you’ll have to wait and see! I’m so pleased that the poet and musician Simon Beavis is on board, Love his work, it is very relational and makes you rethink stuff. We are now waiting for our final male artist. This is very important and I’m letting go of outcomes, he will come through when he’s meant to and it will be the right person. Here are some Staithes shots for your delectation. I feel so out of my comfort zone with all this exhibition curating not to mention my Artshealth MA writing which is due in August, yikes! Just taken a painting to be framed as well for show with Mo De Rome down in Cambridgeshire in October which I’m also very excited about. Watch this space for further info about private view dates etc.horizontal slabs runswick bayme at staithes taken by Tony resizedboulder runswick baycliff runswick baypeople and dog runswick bayheadland staithes