Vanitas still life drawing in soft pencil

I made this still life drawing on Monday whilst I had the light in the afternoon. I often like to make still life drawings or paintings as in-between pieces interspersing larger explorations of my ideas. This was just a corner of the studio, my brushes and some other things. It wasn’t arranged atall. The things were just as I found them. I’d watched a programme on Channel 4 the night before entitled ‘Apples, Pears and Paint’ on the history of the still life genre. It was superb and hugely inspirational and revealing about the very nature and role of still life in our world. I thoroughly recommend it and will share the link. My drawing makes itself. I just let it emerge. I’m not controlling, but looking and feeling until I sense I need to stop. I’ve decided not to photograph the stages as it interrupts my flow. I do have a couple of cropped versions of this image though which I’ll share next.