‘Warnings 1’ Large A1 drawing in indian ink

Warnings 1trees and bench at the graveyardI made this large A1 indian ink study today responding to the poet Kate Garrett’s second poem in our ‘Crow’ collaboration entitled ‘Warnings’. I went walking in the park and then the graveyard studying crows and listening to them. There was a rather fine large fellow who waddled across the path in front of me, then he was gone. It seems as soon as I consciously tune in to them they disappear! Very frustrating, but they are always there at the edges of my awareness, peripheral vision and consciousness. As I was into the drawing later on I looked out of my studio window and a jackdaw was so close on the gutter, then the tree opposite was full of them watching. They  have found their way into the picture too. Kate’s poem is very dark and the imagery was with me all through the day. I keep rereading it. I have bought 3 pieces of this large heavy rag Waterford paper which is delicious to work on. WHAT a treat! I’m like a kid in a sweet shop, got to be careful not to overdo things. I use brushes of various sizes including a fan brush, and a smaller crow feather to work with this time. Kate is going to publish the poem on her blog with my drawing soon, will add the link when it’s there. Don’t forget to click on images to get enlarged details of marks folks! Here’s the link to Kate’s poem, not for the fainthearted as she says herself! Warnings 1 close-up