Watercolour patchwork study : Droopy and Brown label

Here is a little watercolour study I made of some patchwork on the back of a jacket of mine. The label is from a dress I wore for the evening do at my wedding in ’79.  It was bought in York from the iconic designer ‘Droopy and Brown’. Now out of business, the dresses themselves have become highly collectable vintage pieces. You can see the skirt of the dress hanging under the jacket. I chopped the top off the dress to make the patchwork, but have not destroyed the skirt! The fabric is a Liberty print. You can see a study of the skirt on a previous post before the patchwork pictures.The  patchwork  pictures  shared  on  a previous  post  grew  out  of  this  study,  Watch  this  space as  to  where  this  takes me  next!