Little oil ‘Gash’ Netherwasdale

I have just completed this little painting from a sketch made on the spot of the mountains, specifically the gulley on the side of the mountain, at Netherwasdale in the the Lakedistrict in the UK. Here is the sketch along with the little oil I made when back in the studio.

St.Bees beach rapidograph drawing from 1970’s

Here is a drawing I found made way back in the 1970s when I was at Leeds Uni studying Fine Art. Can’t remember exactly what year, but know it was from that time. I was missing my old village and especially the beach. I thought you might like to see it as it connects with my recent St.Bees revisited posts.

St. Bees revisited

Well we managed to get away, finally, on a camping trip up to the lakes and I was able to go to my home village of St.Bees where I grew up. I had all of an hour there as that’s all I had for the parking!  Just  long  enough  to  take  some  shots  and  meditate  a little to the  sound   of   the   waves.

More Grasmere sketches

I made these two sketches from the car waiting for the others to return from their hike. I liked the walled fields on the fell. They came back just as I was painting with my watercolours so had to stop, but I quite like the minimalist effect!

Grasmere sketching

Went to Grasmere in the Lake-district last week and had a lovely time sketching. I went on a little walk round the village and environs whilst my son and his wife and my partner did a much more ambitious hike. I had brought my sketching stuff and found a little bench near the millenium bridge on my little walk and settled myself there. I thought at first that really the fell and little garden folly weren’t really that interesting, but as I started to sketch and paint I saw more and more. Sketching really does help you see better. The photo didn’t capture the experience of the fell and garden atall really.

Edges embroidery

I have just done this little embroidery using the theme ‘edges’ as inspiration. I’ve been looking at paintings of street scenes by the masters and also by inspiring local artists who have painted Manchester. The contrast to the natural world appeals I think though am not really sure where the impetus came from really as is often the case with me! I am enjoying softening the edges I have created with colours and a mix of stitches. Click to enlarge as per usual!

More Garden Sketches

Here are some more drawings from the same garden that I visit to help tidy a bit and draw for me! I love to see what pulls me towards it. The lakeside was the natural focus this time and in particular the jetty. It was very cold in the morning but we lit a fire on the beach which helped. The primal activity of burning wood next to the clear water was very satisfying. I decided to draw the jetty and reflection which you can see here and warmed up stood on there when the sun moved onto it. The fire itself was another motif that fascinated and looking down the lake to the trees and hills. A great day where we felt we made a difference unlike the first time which was more like a recce.


Garden sketches

I made this sketch at the garden I visit to help tidy and burn compost these days! The first thing I noticed on our first visit to the garden this year, were the daffodils growing in the lawn. This was my first sketch made this spring whist we were still in lockdown. It was so good to be back in this special place, even though it was so cold and we only stayed for the morning. We made more inroads on it the next visit, burning compost on the beach by the lake which I will share in my next post.

I have been able to get back to the garden twice recently. The plants and grass are beginning to grow again. I’ve missed going so much through lock-down. My drawing is in china-graph pencil, watercolour and ordinary pencil. On the next visit it was the jetty and reflection in the lake that caught my attention. We lit fires on the shore burning more garden waste and compost. The primal quality drew me and I drew it! A couple of photos too of the context in the next post. Can’t wait to go back again.

My painting made in lockdown is nearly complete, but still not quite, so continue to watch this space!

Needle-wallet prototype

I have been experimenting with this little needlewallet proto-type for myself, and prospectively to make for participants in the proposed puppetry workshops for sexual abuse survivors. I have been reading a wonderful book ‘Threads of Life’ by Clare Hunter and was particularly impressed to learn how important and precious needles were through the ages. It makes sense really! So I got to thinking that making a needle-wallet for myself and the prospective participants in the workshops would be a special gift that makes needles and pins always easy to find. I would link the painting on the silk lining to the drawings made in lock-down at the garden I visit to draw and do a little tidying. Here are some images of what I have been doing. Am on with the second wallet now but will not share that out of respect for the prospective participants. Some things need to stay special and private, but thought you may all like to see my proto-tyoe.

Am still finishing my large oil so watch this space for pics of that when I am done, which isn’t quite yet I feel!