Cigar, large A1 drawing from clay model

I decided to make a drawing from the clay head I sculpted for my puppetry project, that I have discussed previously on this blog for my Arts Health course. I sometimes work backwards as it were, and have done drawings from models I have made before. It can give you insights into your own mind-set. I didn’t want to fall into the trap of reinforcing stereotypes. However, I did find it strangely cathartic drawing the caricature-like features of the Grosz inspired character. I am going to make some paper pulp to go over the head to make a hollow shape that I hope to paint ultimately. I’m also going to make an aspirational type puppet alongside the more sleazy character. I think I’ll use another artwork to inspire me. I like doing that. I’ll put the paper pulp over the modelled heads with cling film to separate it from the clay. Will keep you posted. Here’s the drawing, click to enlarge folks!cigar