George Grosz model

I have been playing with clay and plasticine over the Christmas holidays in relation to my Arts-Health project. I know that I would like to do a puppetry concept, specifically string puppets. I borrowed a wonderful book on this from the local library. A drawing that I saw by the German artist Grosz stayed with me that I saw in Edinburgh before Christmas at the Modern Art Museum there. So I decided to sketch a similar piece and translate it into 3D. I wanted to depict a lascivious character that Grosz was so adept at capturing. This links to my intention to provide puppetry making groups for adult abuse survivors. I thought by making one myself I would get inside the project more. See what you think! I may draw from my model too.string puppet bookgroz drawingpuppet8 2ndjan 2016puppet 1 2nd jan 2016puppet 6 2016